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Captain Green goes to print...

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

I am delighted to announce that Captain Green and the Plastic Scene is finished and will be on sale by mid-April!

It is a story that is very dear to my heart and I hope that it will resonate strongly with readers of all ages. Captain Green tries to clean up all the plastic waste in the sea, but comes to learn that he needs everyone's help. I hope readers will be inspired to do just that.

I am also thrilled to have support for Captain Green from the Marine Conservation Society. Here is what they have to say:

'Captain Green and the Plastic Scene is a great way to teach young children about the dangers of plastic waste and how they can become true 'super humans' who take care of the world. This story is fun way to raise awareness of the impacts of our actions. If we teach children the right way from the beginning, the world will be a better place.'

Copies will be available in their online shop.

Here is a little peek at some of Danny Deeptown's beautiful illustrations. He has brought Captain Green to life in such a heart-felt way.

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