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Evelyn grew up in the wild and windy west of Ireland. She spent her time playing in the trees with her siblings, marrying her pets (much to their disapproval), making up games and stories, and generally being fairly good.

Evelyn has always adored reading. Her favorite part of the week was when the school bus stopped at the local library on the way home. Everyone flocked in, as if they had never seen a book before in their lives, and dove for their favorites before they were gone.

Evelyn studied English at university (where there was still a lot of running and

grabbing of books, especially at exam time).  Later (after a stint as a computer programmer),

she decided to train as a teacher. She loves to work with children and see the world through their eyes.

With a thirst for travel and adventure, Evelyn has taught in schools all around the world including Hong Kong, Singapore and The Netherlands. Now she lives by the sea in Spain, and spends her days writing stories, visiting schools and practising Spanish, with anyone who can bear it. Evelyn loves to write funny stories. She is inspired by her son and his beautiful belly laughs at silly stuff.

Evelyn has been lucky to travel all around the world. Some of her most memorable trips include visiting the foothills of the Himalayas in India, Machu Picchu in Peru and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. She once drove around Australia, where she threw herself off a dive boat and into the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. She was blown away by the dazzling new world below. 

Saddened by the amount of plastic waste she saw in the ocean one day, Evelyn was inspired to write Captain Green and the Plastic Scene. She dreams about clean oceans and contented sea creatures. Her next book, Captain Green and the Tree Machine, was inspired after seeing vast areas of ancient  rain forest destroyed. She hopes readers will be inspired to plant trees to help keep our planet green. Evelyn's next book is due in 2023 and is designed to give lots of laughs to little ones and their families. 

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