Book review - Bookbairn

"This is a brilliant book about a superhero kid who zips all round the planet saving creatures at the peril of plastic. A very poignant story ... that is well crafted, brilliantly illustrated and with a message that we first need to Reduce, then Reuse and then Recycle. A brilliant one for classrooms and schools - this one is going on our “classroom essentials” list!"

Book review - Matthew C. Winner, The Children's Podcast

"I was blown away by how light and fun the story maintained while also showing animals, beaches, and oceans in real peril. It took the overwhelming and made change manageable. Solid eco-friendly choice!"

Book review - Earther / Gizmodo

"Captain Green is the new superhero who could convince your kids to ditch plastic."

Book review - Book Monsters

"...beautifully written and cleverly plotted. Danny Deeptown’s illustrations are bright and colourful with lots of brilliant little details, giving the pictures interest and entertainment value."

Five star book review - Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

"The author tackles a relevant topic with finesse and helps young readers understand that they just need to be human to save the Earth... Charming and delightful illustrations."

Interview - Freak Sugar

"Captain Green and the Plastic Scene is the perfect book to teach children and adults about how they can be better caretakers of the planet."

Book Review - The Nature Book Nook

"Highly recommended for families or teachers wishing to instill in their kids or students an appreciation for our environment."

Book Review - Vivian Kirkfield

"Fun-filled cartoon-like illustrations will make this a favorite with kids who love to read and also with kids who don’t."

Interview - Melissa Berger Stoller

3 question interview on stories, creativity and connection

Book Review - Kid Lit Exchange

"Captain Green and the Plastic Scene is an exciting adventure story where a superhero tries to save the sea creatures from plastic."

Interview - Lynne Marie

The story behind the story

Book review - Eco-friendly reads for kids

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Article Interview - Different approaches to teaching kids how to be eco-warriors


"...not just a great page-turning children's book but a teaching tool that is a fun way to teach young children about the dangers of plastic waste..."

Article Interview -  Teacher, Mama and Author of Captain Green and the Plastic Scene


Learn more about the inspiration behind the Captain Green series.

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