The latest Captain Green adventure -

Captain Green and the Tree Machine

is coming in 2021!

Captain Green and the Plastic Scene

The first Captain Green adventure story

In hardback and ebook

Published August 2018


North American release: January 2019

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Fresh out of Superhero School, Captain Green gets a call. Dolphin is tangled up in plastic and there's trouble for Seagull and Turtle too. When our brave superhero rushes off to help, he finds himself on a major mission; saving sea creatures from plastic. Using his incredible powers, Captain Green saves the day. But can he clean up this mess for good?


Find out how you can be a hero too. Superpowers are not required; anyone can do it…

The superhero antics and charming illustrations are guaranteed to keep readers entertained. 

"I really loved this story, it’s been written beautifully by Evelyn Bookless, cleverly plotted to show the damage that our overuse and dumping of rubbish is causing." 

"Danny Deeptown’s illustrations are bright and colourful with pops of personality in the creatures and the humans, and lots of brilliant little details, giving the pictures interest and entertainment value.

 - Book Monsters

"Captain Green and the Plastic Scene is a great way to teach young children about the dangers of plastic waste and how they can become true 'super humans' who take care of the world.  This story is fun way to raise awareness of the impact of our actions. If we teach children the right way from the beginning, the world will be a better place." 

 - Marine Conservation Society, U.K.


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