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Book Award Win for Captain Green And The Tree Machine

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

CAPTAIN GREEN AND THE TREE MACHINE has won the Best Picture Book award at the 2021 Singapore Book Awards.

I'd like to thank the exceedingly talented Danny Deeptown who has brought Captain Green to life in such a heart-felt way. His talent is endless and it's always a pleasure to work together.

And a huge thank you to the team at Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) who go above and beyond in all that they do.

In the words of author Julia Wills for Armadillo Magazine :

"From the beautiful end papers, which tell a story themselves, through the clever story and the practical information at the end, this book has the ability to turn children into mini-superheroes for the planet."

"..this book brims with love, wisdom and humour."

Here's to hoping Captain Green can zoom into more schools, homes and hearts and spread the message to Keep It Green!

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