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School Visits - the Netherlands

I have had a busy, but fun, few months visiting schools in my new home. I was thrilled to be invited to visit many international schools in the Netherlands to share CAPTAIN GREEN AND THE PLASTIC SCENE.

I have talked about the many powers of reading, what it's like to create books and, probably most important of all, the plastic pollution crisis.

Children always impress me with their creativity and their genuine desire to save the seas. They have created their own eco superheroes and up-cycled waste to make superhero watches and sea creature masterpieces.

With older children we talked in depth about plastic pollution. We brainstormed ways that we can makes changes in our lives to reduce the amount of plastic entering the oceans. In the words of Jane Goodall, "Children can save the world." We just need to show them how.

For some ways to get started our your own journey to reducing waste, here are some helpful tips.

Please contact me if you would like me to visit your school in person or via Skype (which I also love to do!)

And if you would like your own copy of CAPTAIN GREEN AND THE PLASTIC SCENE, some of the online retailers are listed here.

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